Smartphone Inc.
Modern strategic economics eurogame with almost no downtime
1-5 players
Age: 14+
90 min.
TOP-100 games in GeekBuzz at Essen Spiel'18. Seal of Excellence by the Dice Tower.

As the CEO of a huge smartphone-producing corporation, your goal is to outsmart your competitors and to dominate globally in this lucrative business sector. Develop a cutting-edge technology, grow your business, set up new offices around the world, scale up production sites. Choose your strategy well! Only one will keep the market under control.

In Smartphone Inc., a modern eurogame meets up economics-themed board games classics. The game features a unique and highly innovative planning tool: we've combined patching mechanics with bidding and action selection. Whatever you plan, think twice – there are thousands of options out there!

The game contains an awesome double-layer game board, durable inserts for each player, nice plexiglass player pieces.
Inside the box:
• Rulebook
• Solo mode rulebook
• Double-layer gameboard
• 5 player screens
• 7 retail tiles
• Income player mat
• 6 patent tiles
• 6 technology tiles
• 32 improvement tiles
• 20 product tiles
• 10 player mats
• 5 inserts
• 90 office pieces
• 60 progress pieces
• 100 product pieces
• 2 round and phase pieces
• 1 Steve's piece
Pre-production copy
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