Cutie race!
2-5 players
Age: 6+
30 min.
The Cuties are a part of Cosmodrome's own setting and Cutie Race is its second instalment.

Unlike most racing games, you are playing not as racers but as their fans! Your part is to cheer them up! But not with your words — with your DONUTS! Do not overcheer them or they will lose their speed and spend too much time eating. You can also use your spy gadgets, to help Cuties reach the finish line first (and go even beyond it)!

As the players plan their actions simultaneously and secretly, it leads to unexpected, ridiculous and funny situations that cause constant laughter both for children and adults. This game was playtested on a wide range of age groups and proved to be appealing for parents with children aged 6 years and more. It comes in a big, beautifully illustrated box, and it will be an excellent gift for any child!
Inside the box:
• Gameboard
• 5 player mats
• 5 player screens
• 150 game tokens
• 5 Cutie tokens
• Rulebook
Should you have any questions, please contact us!