2-6 players
Age: 4+
20 min.
Go Figure is a great way to develop a child's abstract thinking, mental arithmetic and artistic perception while playing the game! Kids will find themselves in the magical world of Figureland, where all things are made of simple geometric shapes.

The rules of the game are as simple and equally challenging for both adults and children. Parents no longer have to play at giveaway with their children: some young players can easily outmatch adults. Three completely different game modes will not let even the most restless parents to get bored.

The box contains 54 large maps with beautiful illustrations of objects and several choice cards. Unusual design choice and original setting of Go Figure! will surely distinguish it on the store's shelf. Combine it with the low price and the fact that there are literally three games in one box, you will get the game as attractive to a buyer as possible.
Inside the box:
• 54 illustration cards
• 15 cards of figures
• Special box
• Rulebook
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