2-4 players
Age: 12+
60 min.
In March 2018 644 backers pledged $52,266 on Kickstarter to help bring this project to life.

Pandorum is a cosmic strategic eurogame where you and your rivals colonize the lifeless but resource-rich planet. Take command over engineering services, construct production sites, update harvesters, elaborate logistics and infrastructure for the planet.

Everything you see in Pandorum is of utmost quality: simple rules with deep gameplay, high replayability, excellent components quality.

The game idea belongs to the Trehgrannik group – the authors of Game of Trains and winners of UK Games Expo Best Card Game 2016. A modular gameboard consists of 7 double-sided hexagonal modules, that makes more than 2 000 unique starting positions available.
Inside the box:
• Modular gameboard
• 70 tokens of galactic currency
• 48 module miniatures
• 5 player boards
• 117 cards with projects
• 4 harvester miniatures
• 24 base miniatures
• Rulebook
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