2-6 players
Age: 8+
15 min.
From the authors of "Game of Trains"

The game's mechanics is a combination of the classic and modern card games: fast and addicting. Just 5 minutes to explain the rules – and the game sticks for a long time!

The task for each player is to collect as few penalty points as possible. You have to beat cards with a higher number, play the same card to pass them further or use one of the 3 jokers — cards with super powers. If you cannot beat cards — take them to your penalty pile (face down).

Fun and simple gameplay captures almost any audience: from 8 to 99.

WTF is a perfect road entertainment. Small boxes fit the cash zone.
Inside the box:
• 77 cards with numbers
• 6 joker cards
• 1 turn order card
• Rulebook
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