Tremble, Humans!
2-5 players
Age: 12+
60 min.
Try on a leading role in the alien invasion! Capture as many humans as possible, as they are the most valuable resource in the whole universe.

At each turn, players should secretly and simultaneously plan their actions and send their space ships to the human cities. If two or more players decide to attack the same city, they must fight for it.

Space battles take place on a beautiful stellar layout. A nice jerrycan made of plexiglass mark the player's current amount of fuel on the scroring track. Fuel is required to attack the city and, if you run out of it, feel free to sell some humans… but bear in mind - who collects more humans at the end of the game wins.
Inside the box:
• Rulebook
• 52 ordinary reward cards
• 52 tough reward cards
• 32 city cards
• 5 task cards
• 47 ship cards
• Round counter
• Round chip

• 5 d6 dice cubes
• 20 fuel tokens (10 "+1" and 10 "–1")
• 15 token sets for secret voting (numbered 1 to 5)

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