Catham City
2-6 players
Age: 12+
45 min.
This new and highly addictive card game is based around the idea of merging Zootopia with Sin City.

Catham — the city of anthropomorphic cats is steeped in intrigues and deceit. Corrupted officials, dirty cops, lying journalists. One must be thick-skinned and must have sharp claws to run for a mayor here… do you have the guts for it?

The game consists of 8 playing decks, representing different cities's fractions: some will help you gain influence points, some will harm your rivals. The first player who gains a certain amount of influence points (depends on the number of players) wins.

Beautiful noir-based illustrations and hilarious remarks make Catham City even more fun!

Short session timing and a travel box make it a perfect game to take on a voyage. Gameplay seamlessly blends into the game's storyline and noir style, which creates a very thick atmosphere.

Board game geeks will appreciate a storyline and gameplay, while casual players are going to like for its dynamics and easy-to-learn rules.
Inside the box:
• 120 game cards
(15 cards of 8 fractions)
• 42 point tokens
• Rulebook
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