Intrigues of Asgard
2-5 players
Age: 12+
30 min.
The game is created by the famous Russian game designer Yuri Yamshchikov, who is well-known in the West for his games Kosmonauts and Steel Arena.

His new board game Intrigues of Asgard is a geek-filler: a game that is easy to learn, but needs time and strategy to beat a master.

A set collection is the mechanics of the game. Each set activates an ability that gives a player an opportunity to gain points. Players are fighting for the same set, the one with the highest number of cards will get the ability.

Unlike competing titles, Intrigues of Asgard is a card game without special components. Comics-style design and the popular theme of the Vikings guarantee hitting the audience. A fascinating and deep gameplay, epic design and a brutal theme make the game a perfect gift for geeks and those who love thoughtful gameplay.
Inside the box:
• 63 Aesir cards
• 1 doubler card
• 5 hint cards
• 6 goal cards
• Rulebook
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