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2-4 players
Age: 10+
30-45 min.
Astrum is an amazing abstract game with breathtaking art and a super easy to learn gameplay. Enjoy with family or friends.

In Astrum you will become a stargazer at the court of King Alfonso X the Wise and you need to make up the atlas of the starry sky .

The main goal is to fill 4 coloured sectors on the personal playing board with figures of various constellations. By placing a figure on one of the coloured sectors of playing board, you determine the colour for figure that the next player will take. Each figure combines several bright stars on the board and has 1 or 2 external connections, allowing you to continue the constellation. When you finish the constellation (it has no longer open external connections), you get victory points by the number of bright stars in it.

But it is not enough to be a stargazer! Before the start of the game, players open cards of King's vagaries, which determine the conditions for obtaining victory points in the rounds.

Art in progress.
Inside the box:
• VP board
• Two-side rounds counter
• 4 galaxy tokens
• 16 players' pads of 4 different colours
• 4 players' tokens of 4 different colours
• 10 king's favour tiles
• 1st player's token
• Colour selection token
• 58 plastic constellation tiles of 6 different shapes
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