You are eternal. Resources are not
2-4 players
Age: 12+
40-60 min.
Followers is a hardcore eurogame combining two epic subjects - mythology and time travel.

As a God, you will send your Avatars to different eras to convert as many people as possible to your faith. Make your Followers build the Symbols of Faith in your honour, using conjoined and finite resources of their Time.

The gameplay is tricky: resources used in the Past expire in the Present and Future. A unique electronic device helps manage the whole process. Instead of counting, you just need to press a button.

Art in progress.
Inside the box:
• 8 double-sided God-World tablets
• 4 double-sided World-World tablets
• 32 miniatures of Avatars (4 pcs of 8 types)
• 150 miniatures of buildings (50 pcs of 3 types)
• 50 resources markers (10 pcs of 5 colours)
    • 40 faith points pieces
    • 120 victory point pieces
    • 24 special tokens
    • Electronic device
    • Rulebook
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